High View Farm offers riding lessons to all ages and riding levels.  We offer both group and private lessons, depending on the age, preference, level, and schedule of each rider and their guardians.  Lessons are by appointment so contact us to schedule your lesson.

1/2 Hour Private Lessons

Our private lessons are designed to give students one-on-one instructional time.  These lessons are recommended for beginners just starting out or for other, more advanced students who wish to have more intense, one-on-one time with their instructor.  For beginners, these lessons will teach them to handle our horses on the ground, groom, tack, and ride independently so they can move on to group lessons if they wish. All new students, regardless of riding ability, are required to take at least one private lesson for their new instructor to evaluate their abilities.

1 Hour Group Lessons

Once a rider demonstrates their ability to groom, tack, and ride independently at the walk and trot, he/she will be able to progress to a group lesson.  We aim to group students with similar abilities together so they can learn from and support each other during their lessons.  Group lessons range from 4-6 riders.  We expect our group lesson riders to be at the barn 30 minutes prior to the start of the lesson to prepare their horse to ride.

Off Property Lessons/Training

Instructor and trainer, Brittany Mayer, has openings to travel for lessons or training.  These lessons can be private, group, semi-private, or training lessons.  Because travel takes extra time out of her schedule and costs money in gas, private lessons or training sessions start at $60 and will be 30-60 minutes.  Off property hour group lessons are $40 per rider and must consist of 3 or more riders.  Off property semi-privates with 2 riders are $50 per rider and last 1 hour.

If there are multiple lessons or training sessions done in one trip, prices may be cut.

**Prices may be subject to change if travel is more than 30 minutes from the farm one-way. 

Practice Ride

1 hour in the arena practice for students with the approval of your instructor.
We are not able to offer trail rides or horse rentals to the public.